COMPRESSED AIR SOLUTIONS provides product and services to help you take control of what is going on your system to maximize the efficiency and cost effectiveness of compressed air systems in manufacturing facilities.

We help you take control of your system ensuring the reliability and efficiency of the complete system. In addition you can verify and visualize the various actions and improvements you make in the system. We can assist you in getting full control of power consumption, flow, pressure and dew point by installilng temporary or permanent monitoring. Measuring allow you to know what happen inside your pipes.

Our engineering team is led by an US DOE Qualified AIRMaster+ Specialist. We can measure, analyze and report your compressed air system performance and provide recommendations for improvements. Our goal is to help you improve your energy efficiency by reducing electric consumption and saving money with the added value of reducing upstream greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Services will help/let you to find answer to questions like:

  • How much energy does the system consume?
  • How much compressed air es being lost?
  • How much does it cost per cubic feet or m3 of compressed air?
  • What is the total requirement of the plant for compressed air?
  • How does this requirement vary along the day/week?
  • Are all the equipments installed working efficiently?

Additionally, a compressed air system audit has the potential to provide immediate energy savings and a sizable impact on a company’s profits. Energy savings can be as high as 30 percent an operanting costs can be reduced from 20 to 40 percent. Other benefits of an audit include improved system reliability, increased productivity and reduced unscheduled downtime.