Twin & Tri rod cylinders

TR Series Twin-rod Cylinder


1.JIS standard.

2. Bumper in front of the barrel can adjust the stroke of cylinder and relieve impact.

3. It is good resistance to bending and twisting moments.

4. Be mounted the workpiece from three directions.

5. There are magnetic switch slots around the cylinder body convenient to install inducting switch.

6. Be mounted cylinder from four directions.

TCL,TCM Series Tri-Rod Cylinder


1. JIS standard is implemented.

2. Two guides of special bearing steel and linear bearing or bronze bearing guide are used to prevent rotating. They can bear high torque and radial load.

★Note: Steel ball linear bearing: It is suitable for elevation action of cylinder or the situation requiring high precision and high bearing ability, especially for the situation requiring low fraction action process.

Bronze sliding bearing: it is suitable for the action that has radial load resistance. Compared with normal cylinder of same use, the horizontal impact resistance is doubled and it has stronger torsion rigidity.

3. Drive unit and guide unit are in the same barrel that no additional accessories are needed with minimal space required. The air intake is optional and it is convenient to install.

4. The bottom, back side and fixing plate of main body respectively has two exact orientation orifices (See ΦPA orifice and the orifice in XX point), which can provide orientation installation with high precision for the special situation.

5. Options of switch mounting with provision 4 mounting slots.

6. Special design of main body provides multi-mount;